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This issue of The Rhea County Republican is dedicated to the memory of our good friend Dr. Gary Drinkard, who at the time of his passing served as our Vice Chairman.  Gary was one of the founders of the Rhea County Republican Party. We shall miss him.



I first became aware of the problem back when Walter Cronkite sat at the CBS Anchor’s desk on the 6:00 news.  “Corrupt elections in Chicago” he reported.  “Uncle Walter” was talking about a city that hadn’t elected a Republican Mayor since 1937.  The Democrats had copied names off of tombstones and cast ballots in their name he explained.  I verified my suspicions with someone – maybe a teacher – that cheating on elections was, indeed, a Federal crime.

I never heard of anyone being arrested following Mr. Cronkite’s report though.  But then, I wasn’t much of a news hawk back in the day.  Eventually, someone explained what had happened with a cliché:  “That’s the Chicago way.”  I didn’t like that answer but I knew of nothing I could do about it, yet I felt certain that “someone” would do “something” about it, and soon!  I knew the criminals would go to jail!

I was naïve back then.

In my mid-twenties, I read how “Landslide Lyndon” Johnson got his name.  In 1948, he had stolen some ballot boxes in Texas, stuffed them with fraudulent ballots (marked with his name), and thus won his first election.  He went on to become President of the United States.

But that’s against the law, I confidently proclaimed.  “Well, yes it is, but . . .” came the answer.

I didn’t dwell on the matter every waking moment but I remained confident that “someone” would surely do “something” about it.

I was still a bit naïve, I guess.

In 2006, I once again heard about some “irregular” (criminal) activities taking place in an election in Virginia, so I came up with an idea for a bill I thought would reduce the instances of voter fraud – I called it the “Election Integrity Act.”  I shared the idea with friends who agreed such a bill might be a good idea.  My friends offered a few suggestions to make the bill stronger, although as we have since learned, it was very far from perfect.  After all, we’d never heard of Dominion Software and Smartmatic.

I sent a copy of the “Election Integrity Act” (below) by email to the Congressman in my District, and to both U.S. Senators.  I received only one reply:  the usual “Thank you for contacting my office to share your concerns, I will be sure to keep your thoughts in mind as I, blah, blah, blah . . .” canned response.


The Election Integrity Act of 2006

To ensure all elections accurately reflect the will of the American voter, and that our elections might be free of voter fraud, the following legislation is necessary.


  1. Officers of each political party having a candidate on a ballot shall certify the validity of each ballot to insure that:


  1. All persons who cast votes have met all legal criterion for being allowed the privilege of voting, including:


  1. Each voter shall be a Citizen in good standing of the United States of America, and shall hold their primary residence in the State and District where their vote is cast.


  1. Each voter shall present a valid, government-issued photo identification credential prior to being allowed to vote.


  • If the Citizen votes by absentee ballot, each absentee ballot shall be examined by the Commissioner of Elections and officers of each political party having a candidate on a ballot, and each ballot shall be certified to contain a unique identifying number for that voter; the officers from each political party shall verify that the signatures on the Voters Registration Card and on the ballot match, that the voters mailing address is verified, and that such identifying Voters Registration Card number has not been duplicated on any other ballot.


  1. All vote counting devices (manual or electronic) shall undergo a comprehensive examination both before and after vote tabulation has occurred. Voting devices shall be certified by technicians who are credentialed by an independent credentialing enterprise representing each party having a candidate on the ballot to assure the technicians possess the necessary skills to perform such examinations.  Officers of each party having a candidate on the ballot shall receive a certification documenting the time and date of examination performed on each vote tabulating device and the voting devices shall have affixed to them a locking mechanism that causes the voting device to become non-functional if an attempt is made to breach the locking mechanism.


  1. Each ballot shall be examined and certified by Officers of each party having a candidate on the ballot before the election is certified.


  1. Any Commissioner of Elections, any person serving the Commissioner, or any officer of any party who has used their position to alter the outcome of any election shall be charged with a felony and prosecuted under the appropriate Sections of Title 18 and/or Title 52 of US Code.


  1. Any individual who is discovered to have attempted to illegally cast a ballot in any election shall be charged with a felony and prosecuted under the appropriate Section of Title 18 and/or Title 52 of US Code.


REF:  https://www.justice.gov/criminal/file/1029066/download


Although it was disappointing, it really came as no surprise that “The Election Integrity Act” was snubbed, but given what we’ve seen in elections since then, I would like to believe there are at least a few elected representatives who now wish they’d paid more attention to this entreaty.

Since 2006, I’ve heard many other disconcerting reports on matters that could corrupt our election process (and endanger our country in many other ways).

Some Representative or Senator tried to do something about voter fraud by introducing a bill that would require voters in all states to show a government-issued photo ID when registering to vote and prior to voting; I thought that was a good idea.

Even though we are forced to produce a government-issued photo ID when we buy tobacco, alcohol, or even sign up to receive welfare, the bill was stricken down because it was considered “discriminatory against people of color.”  The race baiters gnashed their teeth for weeks over that one!

Connecting some dots, in 2018, we heard that hundreds of thousands of fake government IDs, shipped from China, were stopped at the U.S.-Mexico border.  https://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/shipments-of-nearly-20000-fake-drivers-licenses-seized-at-chicago-airport

Production, shipments, and discoveries of fake IDs – including Voters Registration Cards – from China and other countries is more common than one might think.  Visit the following links to gain knowledge:   https://www.cbp.gov/newsroom/local-media-release/cbp-memphis-seizes-2000-fake-ids and, https://www.cbp.gov/newsroom/local-media-release/over-19k-fraudulent-ids-seized-cbp-officers-chicago and, https://www.sandiego.org/articles/baja-california/crossing-the-us-mexico-border.aspx and, https://www.foxnews.com/us/nearly-500-fake-ids-stopped-by-customs-and-border-protection-officers-agency-says

Now you don’t suppose these fake Voters Registration cards might have been used to help Joe Biden steal the 2020 election do you?

Until this year, the Democrats have spoken in whispers as they devised ways to defraud the election process.  No more!  Voter fraud has recently been openly and vociferously instigated by a former candidate for President.  Addressing the runoff election for U.S. Senate that’s to be held in Georgia, on 5 January, Andrew Yang urged people to “move to Georgia” and vote for the Democrat candidate.  Georgia has this quirky law that any person who moves there may register to vote after only three days of what can loosely be defined as “residency.”

And then, there is the matter of counting the votes.  We’ve heard a lot about the

Dominion Software Company, first used by Hugo Chavez to steal the election in Venezuela.  Dominion Software is owned by two Venezuelans who started the company on which it is based, called Smartmatic, precisely to be able to automate election fraud.  It markets as a feature, not a bug, the ability to cancel and swap and manipulate votes.  The CEO of Dominion who recently went into hiding (or was taken off of online lists of the company), is a close friend of George Soros.  Another key executive of Dominion is an Antifa supporter.  The data is then sent out of the country for “counting.”

Numerous computer software experts have verified the Dominion Software can easily be manipulated to skew the vote count and in ways that are untraceable.

On 15 November 2020, Sidney Powell, then serving as an attorney for President Trump’s cause against voter fraud, reported it had been discovered that the Dominion Software Company’s devices can be manipulated (hacked) by installing a thumb drive or even manipulated from another country!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjI3HGbOQPw and https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/sidney-powell-people-with-links-to-powerful-democrats-using-dominion-voting-machines-to-steal-votes/ar-BB1aOhlt

According to Ms. Powell, some 2.7 million votes were flipped in voting machines loaded with Dominion Software.  https://joannenova.com.au/2020/11/2-7-million-votes-switched-and-dominion-whistleblowers-come-forward/

Adam Laxalt, former Attorney General for the State of Nevada, has done a stellar job on investigating and tracking voting irregularities (“election fraud”), in his state.  He recently tweeted “Unclean voter rolls + significantly relaxed signature requirements + very lax ballot harvesting rules = a “Wild Wild West” election in Nevada, a swing state that was decided by 25K votes in 2016.”  Adam Laxalt has been on the front lines for quite a while in trying to ensure a fair election process in his home state. https://morninginnevadapac.us20.list-manage.com/track/click?u=047a240fc40ae6cc0e2ac8dec&id=9a60c59a23&e=49f0c32ea1 and https://www.protectmyvotenevada.com/?mc_cid=ddafed788b&mc_eid=49f0c32ea1

Then, there is the matter of ballot harvesting, greatly facilitated by the mail in ballot scheme utilized in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, and Minnesota.  Literally millions of ballots mailed unsolicited to past, present, and future voters enabled the Democrats’ ballot harvesting scheme – so much so that several states (see table below) tallied more votes than they had registered voters!  Hundreds of ballots that had been mailed out to who knows who mysteriously “showed up” at the counting facilities – all of which were marked for Joe Biden.  To add to the mystery, these ballots were marked with only one entry!

According to data provided by World Population Review and Real Clear Politics, in the following “Blue States” that Biden “won” there were more votes cast than there are voters in those states.  The data they provided yielded these figures:

State # Registered Voters* Projected Votes % Turnout
Nevada 1,277,000 1,593,143 125%
Pennsylvania 6,469.000 7,041,672 109%
Minnesota 3,000,000 3,197,528 107%
North Carolina 5,160,000 5,453,943 106%
Wisconsin 3,129,000 3,283,532 105%
Michigan 5,453,000 5,716,581 105%
Arizona 3,262,000 3,292,705 101%
Georgia 4,849,000 4,662,728 96.6%

*Numbers provided by State Election Commission, rounded to nearest 1,000


https://worldpopulationreview.com/state-rankings/number-of-registered-voters-by-state and https://realclearpolitics.com

A team of attorneys representing President Trump’s campaign attempted to gain access to the vote counts in Pennsylvania (a state long known for election fraud), Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin but were met with everything ranging from delays to obfuscations, to outright refusals.  There is strong speculation that much evidence has been destroyed.

Several suits have been filed to allow President Trump’s campaign team to conduct an audit in the States listed in the table above, and each one has been dismissed by the Leftist Judges sitting in those courts – it will take an appeal to the Supreme Court to have the matter adequately resolved.  By then, much of the crucial evidence will have been destroyed or manipulated.

The Department of Justice again failed to act expeditiously by dispatching Federal Marshals to secure the evidence and, twelve days after the election.  Finally, in response to Attorney Sidney Powell, the FBI has finally begun an investigation of Smartmatic.

At this point, there is very little room for optimism that the fraudulent activities of the Democrats will ever be prosecuted and, pragmatically, we must face the very real probability that the Democrats have stolen the 2020 presidential election.  We are now officially living in a state of anarchy and that qualifies the United States of America as a “Third World Country,” but I don’t expect any help in restoring Justice from the United Nations.

As I mentioned earlier, looking back on the “Election Integrity Act” my friends and I tried to get our so-called “representatives” to pass nearly fifteen years ago, I readily admit it could have been vastly more comprehensive to meet with the requirements of today, but the very fact that not one Republican took the time to try to improve it and move it forward is precisely why we are about to see an election stolen from a President who has been the best in my lifetime.

Yes, the Republicans blew it and the Democrats cheered them on!  And now I have one question left for all those Republicans, both past and present:


Can you hear us now?

[To be continued. – Editor]



Joe Biden proposes a $200 tax on all firearms.  Proposed Biden Gun Tax Could Top $34 Billion – Washington Free Beacon  While the tax infringes on our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms THINK of this:  Paying the tax requires registration and registration is the first step to CONFISCATION.  Now, don’t you think this is worth a call or email to your elected representatives?



     “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.  I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because the law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual.” — Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)



I am pleased to highly recommend For the New Intellectual, by Ayn Rand.

You will learn that the new intellectuals are:  “Any man or woman who is willing to think.  It is all those who know that man’s life must be guided by reason, those who value their own life and are not willing to surrender it to the cult of despair in the modern jungle of cynical impotence, just as they are not willing to surrender the world to the Dark Ages and the rule of the brutes.”

Written in 1961, this is Ayn Rand’s challenge to the prevalent philosophical doctrines of our time and the “atmosphere of guilt, of panic, of despair, of boredom, and of the all-pervasive evasion” that they create.  One of the most controversial figures on the intellectual scene, Ayn Rand was the proponent of a moral philosophy – an ethic of rational self-interest – that stands in sharp opposition to the ethics of altruism and self-sacrifice.  The fundamentals of this morality – “a philosophy for living on earth” – are here vibrantly set forth by the spokesman for a new class – For the New Intellectual.

An excerpt from the introductory essay:  “The Founding Fathers were America’s first intellectuals and, so far, her last.  It is in their basic political line that the New Intellectuals have to continue.  Today, that line is lost under layer upon layer of evasions, equivocations and plain falsehood; today’s Witch Doctors claim that the basic premise of the Founding Fathers was faith and uncritical compliance with tradition; today’s “Attila-ists” claim that the basic premise was the subordination of the individual to the collective and his sacrifice to the public good.  The New Intellectuals must remind the world that the basic premise of the Founding Fathers was man’s right to his own life, to his own liberty, to the pursuit of his own happiness – which means:  man’s right to exist for his own sake, neither sacrificing himself to other nor sacrificing others to himself; and that the political implementation of this right is a society where men deal with one another as traders, by voluntary exchange to mutual benefit.”



So, you think the Wuhan virus isn’t a money pit for the Democrats?  Prepare to be enlightened!  https://tennesseestar.com/2020/11/02/former-obama-biden-admin-official-behind-chicagos-66m-covid-hospital-that-treated-just-38-people/?fbclid=IwAR1M73vq7coRaqGXPQ9KrPhr8yttG6tLqdctYqZqxQkEi1rPSl0GVNt6sc8



     [Please respond in a manner that most closely reflects your opinion and email to pyrope84045@mypacks.net to share your response with your fellow conservatives.  A score on each of the questions will be published in the next edition of The Rhea County Republican.  THANKS! – Editor]


A “Yes” or “No” question:  Do you think a majority of your State and Federal representatives would support a bill that would correct the voting process to ensure that voter fraud will not be a factor in the next election?


Results from last month’s question:


What are your expected results from the revelations of duplicity, extortion, violations of the Emoluments Clause, perjury, and money laundering that have been revealed from Hunter Biden’s computer?


  1. Joe Biden and several members of his family and inner circle will be indicted, tried, and convicted for capital crimes.
  2. Hunter Biden will be indicted and tried for extortion but Joe Biden will not be brought to justice.
  3. It will be the same story except with different actors; Joe Biden and none of his family and inner circle will ever be tried for their crimes.


A total of sixty-three readers responded to this question; all respondents selected choice #3.



     Elected Representatives from all States and all levels of government are encouraged to share their thoughts, opinions, ideas, and announcements by emailing them to pyrope84045@mypacks.net .  Your constituents want to hear from you! – Editor



One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised. -Chinua Achebe, writer and professor (16 Nov 1930-2013)



     Readers are invited to submit their thoughts, opinions, ideas, and announcements from their city, county, state, and country.  Please share your ideas, thoughts, opinions, and announcements by emailing them to:  pyrope84045@mypacks.net .  Your fellow Conservatives want to hear from you! – Editor


Dr. Merrily Salyer, a reader from Sterling, VA shared an article on one of the major problems faced by parents with children in public schools.

If you are at all interested in knowing what is going on in our schools and how it got there, read Mark Tapson’s article Cultural Marxism for Kids: The Left’s Subversive Weapon of Mass Destruction, on Doc Emet Productions.

Let me give you a few quotes from the article to tempt you to read a well written and extremely informative piece:

  • “We’ve always had kind of a private notion of children: ‘Your kid is yours, and totally your responsibility.’ We haven’t had a very collective notion that these are ourchildren… We have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families, and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.”
  • our children and society are better served if we break the private bonds of the traditional family model, and instead adopt the collectivist view that kids should be shared by the entire community.
  • Karl Marx openly labeled “the abolition of the family.” For Marx, the bourgeois family structure was inextricably linked to “private gain,” both of which must “vanish” to liberate humanity from its serfdom. “The family deprives the worker of revolutionary consciousness,” wrote Marxist theorist Aleksandra Kollontai, and therefore must be discarded. Marx’s co-author Friedrich Engels wrote that when the proletariat revolts and transfers the means of production to common ownership, “the single family ceases to be the economic unit of society. Private housekeeping is transformed into a social industry. The care and education of the children becomes a public affair; society looks after all children alike, whether they are legitimate or not”
  • To destroy the family, the American left has undertaken a decades-long campaign to denigrate marriage and motherhood, to obliterate gender distinctions, to delegitimize traditional masculinity – and perhaps most importantly, to indoctrinate younger generations into a new, “woke” worldview that is at irreconcilable odds with the capitalist, Judeo-Christian value system of their parents and grandparents.

“Alarmingly, critical theory has burst forth from the walls of academia,” writes Gary Houchen at the Imaginative Conservative. “It is now the guiding philosophy behind much of the corporate world’s requisite ‘diversity,’ ‘sensitivity,’ and ‘bias’ trainings.”

  • But the cultural Marxism in our schools isn’t limited to higher education; it begins now in pre-kindergarten. The aim of Progressive educators is not to pass down to our youth the incredible cultural and intellectual legacy of our civilization, the accumulated wisdom and knowledge of the past; it is not to cultivate their individual potential, nor to develop their critical thinking skills. All of those aims actually work against a revolutionary consciousness. Instead, their intent is to mold and mobilize social justice warriors, to propagandize them on issues for political activism long before they even enter college.
  • The pernicious philosophy of Critical Race Theory is tearing the nation apart.

Parents must be hyper-vigilant and confront it and stamp it out everywhere it rears its ugly head in our schools. It not only does not ease racial tensions, it exacerbates them. It is not eradicating racism, but creating racists on both sides of the color line. Of course, this is the intent; the race agitators of CRT and cultural Marxism, aided and abetted by a Progressive news media that has a vested interest in sowing discord and “rubbing raw the resentments of the people,” as infamous strategist Saul Alinsky phrased it, are not interested in ending racism but ultimately in dismantling Western civilization.

I hope these selections convince you to read the whole article; it will inform you better than many books do.


Larry Sedgwick, a reader from Arnold, KS remarked on the Biden/Harris plan to “soak the rich.”

Here are the results we should expect if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris ever made good on their promise to raise taxes on anyone with assets greater than $400,000.

Do you know who has $400,000, or more?

  • The person or company who owns your apartment complex
  • The person or company who owns the house you are renting
  • The person or company who owns your Home Owners Association (HOA)
  • The person or company who holds the loan on your house
  • The person or company who owns your favorite grocery store
  • The person or company who owns your favorite restaurant
  • The person or company who owns your favorite business


Do you know what’s going to happen when their taxes go up?

  • YOUR rent will go up
  • YOUR HOA fees will increase
  • YOUR mortgage will increase if you don’t have a fixed rate
  • YOUR grocery prices will increase
  • YOUR favorite restaurant’s menu items will become more expensive
  • YOUR favorite company’s rates will increase


Higher taxes for them means higher prices for YOU!


Harrison Lapahie, a reader from Shiprock, NM shares these thoughts:

Mr. Biden,

Although I refused to listen to it, I understand that during your presidential acceptance speech, you were calling for the unity of Trump supporters.  I remember four years ago my President Trump also called for unity.  I remember how Congressional members of your Democratic Party responded by boycotting his inauguration.  I remember how you and your Democratic party cheated and used the greatest law enforcement institution of this country to spy on my President Trumps campaign.  I remember how you and your Democratic Party created a fake Russian dossier to try and impeach my President Trump.  I remember how your speaker of the house ripped up my President Trumps beautiful State of the Union speech on National TV.  I remember how you and your Democratic Party tried to impeach my President Trump over a Ukraine phone call.  You accused my President Trump of pay to play.  Come to find out Joe, it was really you and your son Hunter.  I remember how you and your Democratic Party blamed my President Trump over a pandemic that he had nothing to do with.  I remember how you and your Democratic Party encouraged rioting and looting of my great United States of America.  I remember how you and your Democratic Party used the media to spread lie after lie about my President Trump.  I remember how you and your Democratic Party stole the election from my President Trump.

This Trump supporter remembers all that Joe and will NOT be unifying with your Democratic Party.  This Trump supporter will be giving you the same respect you gave my President Trump.

One more thing, the election isn’t over!


Pam Williams, a reader from Murfreesboro, TN offers the following:

Biden and the left plan to completely eliminate the middle class.  Another shut down effectively will bankrupt almost every middle class business thereby making them and the lower class totally dependent upon the government elites, just like Cuba and Venezuela.  The people who voted against Trump and for Biden voted against our country, your neighbors, your family, your children and their futures.  They voted against religious freedom, they voted against freedom of speech and the right to bear arms.  They voted for China, Iran, and Russia.  They voted for corruption and have sold out America.  They voted for the redistribution of American jobs and wealth.  I’m not going to say that I respect your decision, I do however respect your right to make your decision, and unlike you, I will not go out looting, burning, and killing because I didn’t get my way.  I will find solace in my wisdom, my patience, my self-respect and will be thankful that I was able to live in what was a proud powerful America and a more amicable time.  And with that being said, I pray Trump wins this legal battle and rightfully serves his second term.  God Bless America.


Jeremy Akerman, a reader from Canada observes:  The United States is a Republic, a federation of 50 democracies.  What seem to the uninformed as anti-democratic features of The Constitution–such as the Electoral College–were the stipulated conditions under which sovereign political entities agreed [in 1787] to join the Union.

The College was a condition upon which northeastern and some other commonwealths and colonies insisted because they feared domination by Virginia and the Carolinas which then had most of the population.

Paradoxical it is, therefore; that to a significant extent the areas now demanding that the College be abolished are those which initially demanded it.


Harold Polk, a friend from Davison, MI observed:  Our Michigan governor recently solemnly warned us of the grave dangers of not wearing our masks, et al, and then was photographed close to other people…WITHOUT A MASK!  Could this be one of many reasons many of us think that we’re being taken for a ride?



     The Legislative Report provides information on some of the more remarkable bills that have been introduced in Congress.  Its purpose is to provide the reader with information about pending legislation that may prompt the reader to contact their representatives to express their views.

     In the emailed version of the Legislative Report, you will see markers + and + on certain bills.  The red icon is placed to encourage the reader to contact their representatives and ask them to vote against the legislation.  On bills marked with the green icon, the reader is encouraged to contact their elected representatives and encourage them to support the legislation.  The reader is always encouraged to keep informed about all legislation so they may be aware of bills that effect our lives.  Decide today that you will make your voice heard.  If you remain silent, your representatives will never know your thoughts! – Editor



The most expensive things coming out of Washington are “free.”  – Bill McGurn, Wall Street Journal


+ HR 4644 Libya Stabilization Act (Theodore Deutch, D-FL, 27 pages).  The stated purpose of this bill is to “clarify” United States policy toward Libya, advance a diplomatic solution to the conflict in Libya, and support the people of Libya.  The actual purpose of this bill is to correct the flaws in U.S. policy pertaining to Libya during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State; you remember, don’t you?

During Clinton’s tenure, there had been relative calm in Libya for several years.  In 2011, however, on orders from 0bama, Clinton devised a coup allowing her friends in ISIS to brutally murder Muammar Gaddafi.  Afterwards, during a celebratory interview, she laughingly proclaimed “we came, we saw, he died.”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlz3-OzcExI

0bama’s radical change in foreign policy in Libya paved the way for ISIS to establish control in a country that had, for the better part of two decades, shared a quasi-alliance with the West.  0bama’s and Clinton’s grave miscalculations in thinking the U.S. could somehow form an alliance with ISIS became evident as ISIS began to pose a threat to the U.S., so much so that, in mid-summer of 2012, Chris Stevens, Ambassador to Libya sent numerous pleas to both Clinton and 0bama, asking that they either ramp up security measures or close the embassy down.

Out of fear of being exposed for their “miscalculations” (read “stupidity”), Ambassador Steven’s pleas were ignored, but the veil covering 0bama’s grave errors of judgement was forever shredded on 11 September (not a coincidence!) 2012, when Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods were brutally murdered by ISIS. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_Benghazi_attack.  And, no, the attack on the Libyan consulate in Benghazi was not prompted by a video!

Thence comes Mr. Deutch’s bill, perhaps one last attempt to rewrite history and preserve the reputations of 0bama, Clinton, Panetta, Biden, Clapper, Brennan, and a few others.


HR 8294 National Apprenticeship Act of 2020 (Susan Davis, D-CA, 112 pages).  This bill amends the National Apprenticeship Act and expand the national apprenticeship system to include apprenticeships, youth apprenticeships, and pre-apprenticeship registered under such Act, to promote the furtherance of labor standards necessary to safeguard the welfare of apprentices, and for other purposes.  While there are the expected items that further empower organized labor – labor unions – the bill is generally worthy of consideration.


+ S 4805 A bill to create a point of order against legislation modifying the number of Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States (Ted Cruz, R-TX, text not yet available).  The committees assigned to this bill sent it to the House or Senate as a whole for consideration on 9 November 2020.


+S J Res 76 A joint resolution proposing and Amendment to the Constitution of the United States to require the Supreme Court of the United States to be composed of nine Justices (Ted Cruz, R-TX, text not yet available).


+ S 4800 A bill to provide Coronavirus relief (Chucky Schumer, D-NY, text not yet available).  You can bet this bill will have a trainload of pork for all those who have aided the liberals, progressives, socialists, fascists, and communists who have been elected to the House of Representatives and Senate.


+ HR 8305 FAITH in Congress Act (Stephanie Miller, D-FL, 9 pages).  This bill may be cited as the “Foster Accountability, Integrity, Trust and Honor in Congress Act, and would prevent a vote on any bill unless it has bipartisan support.  It bans the House from voting on any legislation unless it has “demonstrable bipartisan support” (a phrase that has never been defined or quantified).

The bill also:

  • sets a lifetime ban on former members of Congress becoming lobbyists (currently, former House members must wait one year while former senators must wait two years);
  • ends the automatic pay raises for members of Congress;
  • withholds pay from members during any period where they haven’t passed all required appropriations bills, and;
  • prevents members of Congress from using taxpayer funds to fly or travel first-class.

In a recent press release, Ms. Murphy stated “Members of Congress were sent to Washington to serve the people who elected them, not to set themselves up for a lucrative gig or line up their pockets while refusing to do their jobs.”  https://murphy.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?documentid=1485

[Someone in the Republican Party absolutely MUST speak with Ms. Miller and entreat her to join the GOP. – Editor]


+ HR 8424 Supreme Court Term Limits and Regular Appointments Act (Ro Khanna, D-CA, 5 pages).  This bill would establish term limits of eighteen years for all current and future appointees to the Supreme Court, and allow nominations to be made at two-year intervals.

This bill seems to run in opposition to Article III – Section 1 of the Constitution, which states that [Supreme Court] Judges “shall hold their offices during good behavior,” implying that Federal Judges are given lifetime appointments.  Alexander Hamilton expounded on the matter of appointments of Judges in Federalist No. 78.

“According to the plan of the convention, all the judges who may be appointed by the United States are to hold their offices during good behaviour, which is conformable to the most approved of the state constitutions; and among the rest, to that of this state.  Its propriety having been drawn into question by the adversaries of that plan, is no light symptom of the rage for objection which disorders their imaginations and judgments. The standard of good behaviour for the continuance in office of the judicial magistracy is certainly one of the most valuable of the modern improvements in the practice of government.  In a monarchy it is an excellent barrier to the despotism of the prince:  In a republic it is a no less excellent barrier to the encroachments and oppressions of the representative body.  And it is the best expedient which can be devised in any government, to secure a steady, upright and impartial administration of the laws.”

[Emphasis added.]



+ HR 8228 Our Lawn Act (Dean Phillips, D-MN, text not yet available).  This bill would ban the President of the United States from holding political rallies on the White House lawn.  Amid all the problems in this world, the best piece of legislation that Mr. Phillips can come up with is in the form of a tantrum against holding events on the White House lawn.  I am certain that Mr. Phillip’s constituents must be so proud of him!





HR 2610 Stop Senior Scams Act (Lisa Blunt Rochester, D-DE, 14 pages).  This bill establishes groundwork for a Senior Scams Prevention Advisory Council to collect and disseminate model educational materials useful in identifying and preventing scams that affect seniors.  There is also a Section to prevent scams directed at Native Americans.  The bureaucracy grows and grows and grows!


+ HR 6334 Securing America From Pandemic Act (Ami Bera, D-CA, 3 pages.)  The purpose of this bill is to authorize United States participation in the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, and for other purposes.

It would seem Mr. Bera is no different than other young liberals who think any problem can be solved if enough taxpayers’ money is thrown at it – especially if the United States is coupled with some esoteric globalist group who reckons our country should pay the bills for solving the entire world’s problems.  This attitude and thinking is revealed in Section 3 of his bill:

Not later than 180 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, the President shall submit to the appropriate congressional committees a report that includes the following:

“(1)  The United States planned contributions to the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations and the mechanisms for United States participation in such Coalition.” It only gets worse from there.

Why should it ever be proper for the United States taxpayer to fund every globalist scheme, especially when the free loading parasites will only criticize us for not doing “enough”?


HR 6435 Combatting Pandemic Scams Act of 2020 (Carter, R-GA, 2 pages).  This bill would direct the Federal Trade Commission to develop and disseminate information to the public about scams related to COVID-19, and for other purposes.

The methodology is as follows:  “As expeditiously as possible after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Commission, in consultation with the Attorney General, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, the Postmaster General, the Chief Postal Inspector, and the Internet Crime Complaint Center, shall develop and disseminate information to the public about scams related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).”

One would hope the Attorney General might also be directed to ramp up the investigations and prosecutions into the scammers targeted by this bill!


+HR 7990 FENTANYL Results Act (David Trone, D-MD, 8 pages).  This Act may be cited as the “Fighting Emerging Narcotics Through Additional Nations to Yield Lasting Results Act or the FENTANYL Results Act.”

The purpose of this bill is to prioritize efforts of the Department of State to combat international trafficking in covered synthetic drugs and new psychoactive substances, and for other purposes.

The goals of the bill are purportedly met by modifying Section 660 of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 (22 U.S.C. 2420), causing the Secretary of State to establish a program to provide assistance to build the capacity of law enforcement agencies of the countries described in subsection (c) to help such agencies to identify, track, and improve their forensics detection capabilities with respect to covered synthetic drugs.

The Secretary of State would be required to prioritize assistance under subsection (a) among those countries described in subsection (c) in which such assistance would have the most impact in reducing illicit use of covered synthetic drugs in the United States.

The countries described in this bill include those which are producers of covered synthetic drugs; those whose pharmaceutical and chemical industries are being exploited for development or procurement of precursors of covered synthetic drugs; or those which have been identified as major drug-transit countries as defined by the [current] President of the United States.

The text of the bill states:  “There is authorized to be appropriated to the Secretary to carry out this section $4,000,000 [to each country] for each of the fiscal years 2021 through 2025.”  What this text means is:  the United States taxpayers will dole out a bribe of $4 million per year to each of the countries who are serving as conduits for drug trafficking if only they will pretend trying to stop the drug cartels from running drugs through their country.

Wouldn’t it be much better if that money was used to enhance border security and warn drug traffickers that they will be shot on sight if they try to bring drugs into our country, and then inform each of the countries to which Mr. Trone’s bill would bribe that either they will stop allowing drugs to be run through their country or we will impose tariffs on any and all legal and marketable products they produce?

The bill was passed by voice vote following a motion to suspend the rules.


HR 8259 To Prohibit Russian participation in the G7, and for other purposes (Gregory Meeks, D-CA, 3 pages).  This bill is written in response to Russia’s illegal occupation of Crimea, and other locations in that region.


On 18 November, the following bills – all of which are related to national defense and DHS activities – were approved via a motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill by voice vote.  When coordination of this magnitude occurs in Congress it is most often in response to, or preparation for, a major event or to correct integrated flaws that were discovered as a result of a notable event.  The reader is encouraged to examine each bill, conduct their own research, and draw their own conclusions.

HR 2914 Housing Survivors of Major Disasters Act of 2020 (Adriano Espillat, D-NY, 10 pages).  To make available necessary disaster assistance for families affected by major disasters, and for other purposes.

HR 4358 Preliminary Damage Assessment improvement Act of 2020 (John Katco, D-NY, 6 pages).  To direct the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency to submit to Congress a report on preliminary damage assessment and to establish damage assessment teams in the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and for other purposes.

HR 5953 Preventing Disaster Revictimization Act (Sam Graves, R-MO, 6 pages).  To amend the Disaster Recovery Reform Act of 2018 to require the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency to waive certain debts owed to the United States related to covered assistance provided to an individual or household, and for other purposes.

S 1869 Secure Federal LEASEs Act (Gary Peters, D-MI, 14 pages).  A bill to require the disclosure of ownership of high-security space leased to accommodate a Federal agency, and for other purposes.

HR 8266 FEMA Assistance Relief Act of 2020) (Peter DeFazio, D-OR, 10 pages).  To modify the Federal cost share of certain emergency assistance provided under the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, to modify the activities eligible for assistance under the emergency declaration issued by the President on March 13, 2020, relating to COVID-19, and for other purposes.

HR 7310 Spectrum IT Modernization Act of 2020 (Michael Doyle, D-PA, 14 pages).  To require the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information to submit to Congress a plan for the modernization of the information technology systems of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, and for other purposes.

HR 6624 USA Telecommunications Act (Frank Pallone, D-NY, 10 pages).  To support supply chain innovation and multilateral security, and for other purposes.

HR 6096 READI Act (Jerry McNerny, D-CA, 10 pages).  To improve oversight by the Federal Communications Commission of the wireless and broadcast emergency alert systems.

HR 5901 Information Technology Modernization Centers of Excellence Program (Ro Khanna, D-CA, 3 pages).  To establish a program to facilitate the adoption of modern technology by executive agencies, and for other purposes.

HR 1668 IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2020 (Robin Kelly, D-IL, 7 pages).  To establish minimum security standards for Internet of Things devices owned or controlled by the Federal Government, and for other purposes.

HR 4802 To amend the State Department Basic Authorities Act of 1956 to authorize rewards under the Department of State’s rewards program relating to information regarding individuals or entities engaged in activities in contravention of United States or United Nations sanctions, and for other purposes. (Joe Wilson, R-SC, 4 pages).  The title of the bill explains its purpose.


HR 6395 National Defense Authorization Act of 2021.   A motion was made and passed on voice vote to close portions of the Conference on this bill.  This occurs because portions of what is debated pertains to classified information.



Income tax is the fine we pay for being productive.  Welfare is the reward given to those for being unproductive.  – Connie Rose-Straube



Rhea County Republican Party Executive Committee

Bitsy Gryder – Chairman                            _____________ – Vice Chairman

Judy Bancroft – Secretary                          Tom Taylor – Treasurer

Laura Travis – Vice Treasurer


The Rhea County Republican Party Monthly Meeting

There will NOT be a meeting in December.  The next meeting of the Rhea County Republican Party is scheduled for Thursday, January 7th, at 7:00 PM, at the Rhea County Sheriff’s Training Center, located at 711 Eagle Lane, in Evensville, TN.

Bring a friend!


Minutes from the Previous Meeting


Meeting Minutes for November 5, 2020


Chair Elizabeth Gryder called the meeting to order at 7:01 pm.


Marvin Keener offered prayer, and Joe Gryder led the Pledge of Allegiance.


The October Meeting Minutes were read by Judy Bancroft.  Motion by Joe Gryder and second by Glen Varner to accept minutes as read.  Motion carried.


The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Tom Taylor.  The corrected beginning balance was $10,645.34 and the ending balance is $11,115.89.  Motion by Marvin Keener and second by Kris Bancroft to accept the report as read.  Motion carried.


The PAC Report was given by Kris Bancroft, Interim PAC Treasurer:


Papers were filed with Southeast Bank to allow Kris Bancroft to sign checks and conduct other PAC Treasurer business as related to banking.  Donation checks were written to political candidates, as previously voted.  The beginning bank balance was $5294.00 and the ending balance $3694.00.


Campaign Financial Disclosure Statements and an Appointment of Political Treasurer form were filed with the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance and the Rhea County Election Commission.


Motion by Joe Gryder, second by Marvin Keener, to approve the report as read.  Motion carried.


Elizabeth Gryder reported that she and Keith Flatness provided signatures for the bank in order to continue to also have check-signing privileges.


The Legislative Report was given by Kris Bancroft.  One bill he mentioned was HR5068, Women Who Worked on the Home Front WWII Memorial Act, authorizing the establishment of a commemorative work in the District of Columbia.


OLD BUSINESS:  Elizabeth Gryder reported that she is trying to reach Bailey Hufstetler in regards to the formation of a Young Republicans group in Spring City.




Reorganization:  Elizabeth Gryder stated that we need to think about who could run the Reorganization process for the next term.  We need a volunteer.  The Executive Committee will appoint a Reorganization Committee, which would present a slate of recommended new officers at the January meeting.  Reorganization will take place at the February meeting, at which time additional nominations may be made.


Refreshments Expenses:  Kris Bancroft made a motion, seconded by Judy Bancroft, to have the Party pay for refreshments at meetings, up to $30 per meeting, providing the individual presents a receipt to the Treasurer for reimbursement.  Motion carried.


Transportation:  Elizabeth Gryder thanked Marvin Keener for providing transportation for an individual wanting to vote in person.  Also, there is someone from Spring City interested in attending our meetings but who will need a ride.  Efforts are being made to find someone to assist.



Prayers are requested for speedy recoveries for Laura Travis, Keith Flatness and Gary Drinkard.


It was decided to not hold a meeting in December.


The meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm.


Judy Bancroft, Secretary



When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty. – Thomas Jefferson.



     [As a long-time supporter of The Heritage Foundation, I am among the millions of Members who have gained insight from their work into many aspects of societal evolution, history, economics, and politics.  I would encourage everyone to give them a try.  By way of example, I am happy to present the following article. – Editor]


The Enlightened Woke Have Invaded Our Minds

Dr. Mike Gonzalez

Senior Fellow

Allison Center for Foreign Policy


The enlightened woke keep telling us (the benighted helots) that we must all “decolonize our minds.”  The poet Mukoma Wa Ngugi advises, for example, that this mental cleansing must take place because “inherited colonial inequalities were becoming more entrenched.”

Conservatives’ first reaction to this idea would be to laugh about how beyond parody the left has become.  But let’s take this proposition seriously for a moment and apply it to the concepts we accept and the words we use in everyday life.

Why do conservatives routinely use ideas, terms and phrases that the left created as part of a project?  The 2020 election, which blew up so many leftist shibboleths, offers a wonderful inflection point to re-calibrate our thinking.

Here’s the reality:  The left has been in charge of the culture-making institutions for so long that we can, in all seriousness, consider ourselves to have been colonized.  This has been the result of the call by 1960s’ radical Rudi Dutschke for a “Long March Through the Institutions.”

The Long March was an obvious reference to Mao’s Long March through the snow of China with his communist partisans in the 1930s.  It is important not to lose sight of this, as it reminds us of the communist nature of the takeover.  The only difference between China in the ‘30s and now is that Mao and his comrades were in an actual shooting war with the Nationalists, and the Long March of the past 50 years has not involved guns.

Just as in China, however, the Long March of our time has succeeded: they won, we lost.  In an Areo Magazine conversation with the writer Aiyaan Hirsi Ali, Sarah Haider, also a writer, described things this way, “To put it rather dramatically: we are not meeting the barbarians at the gate; we are rebelling against the empire.”

Though she did not talk about being colonized, Haider did recognize that the super-woke are an infinitesimal minority (the Hidden Tribes Project put them at around 8% of Americans a couple of years ago) but they are, nonetheless, incredibly influential, controlling the thoughts of the majority.  That’s a pretty good description of a colonial master.

“One may object, however, and point out that the majority of Americans are not woke. I believe that this is true.  I also believe that it doesn’t matter,” Haider wrote.  “When so many of our fundamental institutions are in cult-like consensus, when the richest and most powerful among us routinely display public allegiance to one faith, the preferences of the average American are largely irrelevant.”

“We must adjust our approach accordingly,” she added.

One way we can do that is to recognize the ways in which conservatives have allowed the language and concepts of the left to seep into their consciousness.  “Minorities,” “Latinos,” “diversity,” “multiculturalism,” “anti-racism training”—these are all concepts created by the Left as part of a Leftist project.

Why do conservatives persist on repeating these terms today?  Probably because they have been pre-programmed by their colonizers for so long that we now think this way.

As I explained in an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal right after the election, and in a book I published this year, The Plot to Change America, Hispanics, or Latinos (or the downright loathsome term Latinx), were created as a census category by ideologues and activists who needed to expand the rank of “minorities.”  Members of these minorities would then be instilled with grievances by a vanguard made of affinity groups, the better to transform America into something else.

The very concept of “minorities” itself, in the sense we understand it today, only entered the lexicon with Webster’s II, in 1961.  It was only in 1945 that was associated with a sense of “collective discrimination” in a foundational essay on the matter by the German-American sociologist and urbanist Louis Wirth, an advisor to the Frankfurt School.

Even diversity, a wonderful concept when it’s obtained organically as a result of meritocracy, has come to mean an enforced statistical reflection of the base population in every classroom, office, court or legislature—something that requires coerced quotas.

Which brings us to the present moment.  Donald Trump did not pander to these concepts (indeed, the mainstream media spent the past four years labeling him a “racist”).  And yet he was rewarded with a share of the vote in Miami, Central Florida and Texas’s Rio Grande Valley—the state’s Mexican-American heartland—not seen in decades.

When asked about GOP candidates picking up Hispanic voters in the 2018 midterm election, one that went decisively for the Democrats, Univision’s Anchorman Jorge Ramos blurted out that it was the fault of Hispanics “who identify completely with this country.”  This was an American election, mind you, and Ramos was chiding people voting who identified as Americans.  In 2016, Ramos blamed “immigrants or the children of immigrants who have forgotten their origin.”

Give the Univision anchor his due.  What we heard from voters from coast to coast, in other words, is that they think of themselves as individual Americans.  The sooner conservatives decolonize their minds and their vocabulary and think again in this manner, the better it will be for them.  Bob Marley’s classic line, “emancipate yourself from mental slavery,” should now be their anthem.



Regardless of where you live you can find your elected representatives at any level of government by visiting the following link.  Remember:  While they might be fairly bright, none of them can read your mind so it is your duty as a citizen to express your thoughts (and to urge all your friends and family and like-minded folks to do the same!)




Here’s a handy guide for Tennesseans in the 4th Congressional District:

President Donald Trump

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington D.C. 20500

Phone:  (202) 456-1414

Fax:  (202) 456-2461




U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander

455 Dirksen Senate Office Building

Room 40 – Suite 2

Washington D.C. 20510

Phone:  (202) 244-4944

Fax:  (202) 228-3398




U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn

357 Dirksen Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510

Phone:  (202) 224-3344

Fax:  (202) 228-0566

To contact visit website:


U.S Representative Dr. Scott DesJarlais

2301 Rayburn HOB

Washington, DC 20515

Phone:  (202) 225-6831

Fax:  (202) 226-5172



Governor Bill Lee

Tennessee State Capitol

Nashville, Tennessee 37243

Phone:  (615) 741-2001

Fax:  (615) 532-9711



Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House


Link above provides all methods of contact.


Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader



State Representative Ron Travis

301 Sixth Avenue North

Suite G-3

War Memorial Building

Nashville, Tennessee 37243

Phone:  (615) 741-1450



State Senator Ken Yager

301 Sixth Avenue North

Suite G-19

War Memorial Building

Nashville, Tennessee 37243

Phone:  (615) 741-1449

Fax:  (615) 253-0237