Vol. 6 – No. 10                                                                                                  December 2022

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Life in the Green Lane ———————————————– 6

Who are the True Desperados?————————————-7

The Latest Threat from Iran—————————————–8

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May your holiday season be filled with innumerable blessings, cherished moments with friends and loved ones, and renewed hope for the coming year.

As we pause to give thanks for our blessings, let us also be generous in helping those who are struggling.



The mid-term elections:  It wasn’t what we wanted, but it’s what we got, and we’re better off if we accept things as they are and move forward as best we can.

Looking on the bright side, the Republicans gained control of the House of Representatives and thus the power to starve Mr. Biden’s ridiculous programs, and we refined the Republican Party inasmuch as those Republicans who did win their races are, overall, more conservative than those whom they replaced and/or defeated.

For now, let us reach out and offer congratulations to all the Republican candidates all across America and at every level of government for having given it their all during the campaign season.  Let us thank all the donors who provided generous contributions to their candidates’ campaign funds, everyone who worked tirelessly on the campaign trail to help get their candidates elected, and everyone who voted to elect the most conservative candidates.

Beginning today, let us prepare for the 2024 election and work toward finding – and then supporting – the most Conservative candidates we can find to serve in every office, at all levels of government.  We can do this!  I know we can do this, because we are Americans!



Kris Bancroft, Editor


If you’ve been keeping up with the bills posted in the Legislative Report feature in this newsletter, you know the Democrats have been throwing the most outlandish legislation at the wall in hopes that some of them will “stick.”  What is most unusual about all their bills is the overwhelming majority of them have been introduced with any accompanying text – or even a summary, for that matter.

It took a while to sort this strategy out but here’s what we can expect:

The House and Senate will recess for the “Winter Holidays” (formerly known as Christmas and New Year), on or about 23 December.  Just before that recess, Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Schumer (current Speaker and Majority Leader, respectively), will use their powers to bring all these bills hatched out by the Democrats to a vote.  (Any and all bills introduced by Republicans will be given short shrift.)

Once passed in both chambers, their bills will be rushed over to the 0val 0ffice, where Mr. Biden will gleefully sign them into law.

Can anything be done to stop the Democrats’ last stand?  The chances are slim but answer is “possibly.”

Readers can evaluate the bills presented in both this and the November issues of this newsletter, decide which of the bills pose the greatest concern for them, and then flood the Democrats with incessant phone calls and emails expressing their views, while asking their conservative friends to do the same.

IF a sufficient number of voters make a sufficient number of contacts with the Democrats to express their demands, there is a chance that some of the more egregious bills can be relegated to the shredders.

No, I don’t like the odds either, but what other option do we have?



When you choose an action, you have also chosen its consequences.



Kris Bancroft, Editor


One of the worst-kept secrets in recent history was finally revealed on November 15, 2022, when Donald Trump took to the podium at his Mar-a-Lago resort to announce his third presidential run. Railing against what he called the current decline of America and its loss of respect on the international stage, he positioned himself as the “voice” of conservatives and declared:  “This will not be my campaign; this will be our campaign,” adding, “I will fight like no one has fought before.”

We know beyond doubt Mr. Trump’s promise is true, and that is precisely why thousands of people traveled thousands of miles cheered him on.

Our former president’s detractors – the Democrats, the liberal media, and (sadly) some of the Republicans, too (we know them as “Anti-Trumpers”) – strained to find anything possible for which to criticize Donald Trump.  Those who could not figure out a way to criticize anything he said simply made up criticisms out of whole cloth.  Other Republicans, perhaps most notably Matt Gaetz, whom Donald Trump had vigorously endorsed, skipped the event.


Donald Trump’s speech was somewhat more reserved than his orations of the past but the theme of his platform had not significantly changed.  The high points included all his past successes:  fighting crime, rebuilding the economy, stemming the flow of fentanyl and other deadly drugs, reducing dependence on foreign oil, and protecting America from foreign threats.

The rational thinker struggles to understand why such a platform is not “acceptable” to the Republican establishment, but the one item the Republican apparatchik (as well as their fat cat donors) cannot, and will never tolerate is the fact that they cannot control Donald Trump!  This is why certain elements of the Republican establishment – Nikki Haley, Mike Pompeo, Chris Christie, and a few more are throwing their hats into the ring but, unlike them and so many others Mr. Trump’s loyalty is not for sale!

The People know this, and it is for that reason that the People will elect him if only the Republican establishment will simply stay out of his way!  Need proof?  Find a Republican candidate who could draw a crowd otens of thousands of people in a pouring rain!


A recent poll by Morning Consult/Politico (as if to think Politico is actually an organization without political bias), was taken just after the mid-terms; it showed that 47% of GOP voters would support the former president if the primaries were held today.  The number represents a drop of just 1% from his pre-midterm numbers.   Of greater concern for Mr. Trump, however, is the result of a follow-up question: Asked whether they thought Mr. Trump should run for another term, just 61% said yes — down from a more rousing 71% in August 2022 and his lowest rating in the past 13 months.  Are those “Anti-Trumpers” gaining ground?

It is possible that some new and exciting candidate awaits in the wings – a candidate with charisma, great ideas and the ability to convert those ideas into reality – but it’s a very long time until the primaries, so we must wait and see.

At this point in time, the emergence of Virginia’s Governor Glenn Youngkin, and the rise in interest in Florida Governor Ron Desantis, has captured the attention of some Republicans but, for now, however, Mr. Trump remains the thaumarturge – the worker of miracles – and for so long as that is the case, Mr. Trump remains our country’s best hope for the future.



Kris Bancroft, Editor


The “disturbance” is a rift among the Republicans and it was (again) revealed in mid-November.

In a closed door session, Republican House Members chose Kevin McCarthy (CA) over Andy Biggs (AZ) by a vote 188/31.  In other words, slightly more than 14% of House Republicans did not back Kevin McCarthy, to serve as their next Speaker.


A similar rift was revealed in the Senate when Rick Scott (FL), challenged Mitch McConnell (KY), to serve as Senate Minority Leader.  It was reported that McConnell garnered only 37 votes among Republicans in a closed session.


When the official votes are taken in January 2023, there is little doubt that Representative McCarthy and Senator McConnell will win their positions, but the question that Republicans must ask is whether the Republicans will truly unify to stop and reverse the damage the Democrats have done over the past two years.

While Mr. McCarthy’s attaining 86% of the vote and Mr. McConnell’s attaining of 77% of the vote may appear to be a significant margins, the lack of unanimity is troubling from two perspectives:  1. There are some Republicans who used their vote to make a statement about Mr. McCarthy’s and Mr. McConnell’s (as well as other “establishment” Republicans), habitual conciliations to the Democrats, and; 2. The Democrats will use every opportunity to capitalize on what they (accurately) perceive to be a rift.

Unfortunately, it seems as though those Republicans who keep on insisting that they should continue “reaching across the aisle” are incapable of learning a crucial lesson:  The Democrats of the last two decades have never cared one whit about “compromising;” their attitude is now – more than ever – things will go their way or they will go no way at all!

Still, however, the Republicans (who most assuredly deserve the moniker “RINOs”), fail to understand that a scorched earth policy is the only policy that can possibly restore our Constitutional Republic.

One may reasonably wonder how these RINOs keep getting elected and reelected, and the answer comes down to this:  The RINOs are as deeply entrenched as any Deep State creature in “The Swamp,” and the RNC protects them by opening the campaign fund spigots whenever they have a challenger in the primaries.  They ultimately win their primaries and the electorate (usually) votes to reelect them because they are still fairly certain that the worst Republican is better than the best Democrat.

The question the Conservative Voters are faced with today is whether there is anything that can be done to persuade their RINOs to move toward the Conservative side of the spectrum.  There are two answers to this question:  1. in the short term the plan must be to inundate them with emails, phone calls, and letters, pleading with them to align with their Conservative colleagues.  2. In the long term, Conservatives must commit to (or remain) being fully engaged in the political process to seek out and support the most Conservative candidates they can find and unseat the RINOs when they come up for reelection.

Nothing else will do.



Use the talents you possess, for the woods would be a very silent place if no birds sang except the best. -Henry van Dyke, poet (10 Nov 1852-1933)




Jim Clarkson, President

Resource Supply Management


Realistic or Politically Correct Energy Management:  The Boss learns the hard way.

“Tell me, JJ, what’s this capital request all about?”

“Boss, this is for a heat exchanger that will use our cooling tower water for meeting our air conditioning needs when it’s cold outside.  I figure it will save 5% of the power we now use for operating our chiller. The project should come in at around $10,000 and have a payback of less than a year.”

“Saves energy, does it?  We can use this project to get greenie points towards obtaining Polar Bear level on our Politically Correct Building certification.”

“Maybe, but getting that certification takes a lot of paperwork and costs about $50,000.”

“Include a bicycle rack in this project, which gets points also.  And does this thing use electricity?”

“A little bit, for controls and automatic valves.”

“Good. Include a solar panel to power it and put it over the entrance to the building so it can be seen.  It’ll make a great picture.”

“Sir, the temperatures that make this equipment effective occur mostly at night, and the entrance to the building faces north.  Further a solar panel will run about $500,000.  This will ruin the payback.”

“Don’t get all technical on me.  And we don’t use money for payback anymore. Just figure the equivalent trees planted and the amount of Greenland glaciers saved.”

“But Boss…”

“You’ll also need to form a committee with representation from many departments.  We want our people to feel good about the company’s sustainability efforts.  Oh, and be sure to include Henderson over in shipping and receiving. We found out he’s 1/8th Chippewa.”


“I know, I know he doesn’t look Chippewa to me either; but diversity is an important goal here at Amalgamated Widget.”

Six months later . . .

“Boss, about the heat exchanger project…”

“It’s going great, JJ.  We’ve had two news articles in the national press, an internal survey shows our employees are proud to work here, and we are up for a Gore Corporate Responsibility Award.  Further, we have a great picture of the solar panel with the company logo in the foreground that we will use on the cover of our annual report.”

“Boss, I just came from the chiller room, and there’s no heat exchanger there.”

“Oh, that thing-a-ma-bob for the basement. We bought carbon offsets instead, got much better press.  Besides, we’ve spent 650 thou so far on this project; we had to make some budget cuts somewhere.”



Kris Bancroft, Editor


Will Riley, Government Relations Manager at FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform), reported on Chuck Schumer’s announcement of his intentions to grant amnesty to all illegal aliens currently in the United States.

Mr. Schumer stated the number as being 11,000,000, but that number is vastly understated.  The actual number 15,500,000 of known illegal aliens currently in the United States is ~15,500,000, and this number does not account for the “got aways” – those illegal aliens who evaded processing by Customs and Border Patrol.  By best estimates, it is reckoned that more than a half-million illegal aliens per year evade processing.

This would mean that Mr. Schumer admits to wanting to grant amnesty to ~16,500,000 illegal aliens but, as usual, Mr. Schumer is not being honest with the American Citizens.

Mr. Schumer’s “plan” would grant full and unquestioned amnesty to all those illegal aliens who have managed to evade deportation under various schemes such as DACA, the “Dreamers” program, and the nefariously granted status of “asylum seekers” – the overwhelming majority of whom entered the United States illegally.

The strain on the American Taxpayer to “support” – feed, clothe, educate, medicate, transport, and incarcerate – these “new arrivals” is enormous.  How much is that?  It is the same amount required to support any person living in the United States – at a minimum, approximately 30,000 per year.

How many people is Mr. Schumer talking about?  The latest figures provide a low ball estimate of 45,000,000.

The minority citizens in the United States have (finally) come to realize the Democrats do not – and have never – had their best interests in mind, and so Mr. Schumer and his fellow travelers are frantically trying to gain more support for their failed policies.  While those people who have trekked thousands of miles to enter our country through our open borders may appear to be desperate it is the Democrats who are the true “Desperados” and we must NOT allow them to succeed!



“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.  We didn’t pass it along in our bloodstream.  It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States, where men were free.” – Ronald Reagan



Kris Bancroft, Editor


It was back in 2011, when a US Navy drone, (model RQ-170, manufactured by Lockheed-Martin), was shot down by the Iranians.  The drone had allegedly been dispatched to spy on one of the Iranians nuclear facilities.

It had become necessary to dispatch various spy mechanisms because it had become glaringly apparent that the silly attempt hatched out by Messrs. 0bama and Kerry to persuade the world’s number one State sponsor of terrorism to abandon its nuclear weapons development efforts – the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) – was severely anemic where anything resembling “action” was concerned, so they resorted to spying on some of Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Unfortunately, this scheme failed, too because the Iranians captured control of the drone from the US Navy, and landed it safely in their country.


When news of the downed RQ-170 hit the airwaves, the 0bama regime went into full denial mode and some of the lies that passed Mr. 0bama’s lips on that topic have no doubt made their way into the Liars Hall of Shame.


To be generous, Messrs. 0bama and Kerry were not fully culpable, because there was a serious design flaw in the RQ-170, and this design flaw became the topic of a letter of inquiry sent to Senators Alexander and Corker.

The subject of the inquiry was to determine why the RQ-170 did not have a self-destruct feature.  Such a feature would have been quite easy to incorporate into the drone’s computer system.

The Senators never found it worth their time to respond to my inquiry.

The 2011 incident was not the last time the Iranians captured a US drone.  They shot down another one in 2019.


The Iranians have capitalized greatly on their capture of U.S. drone technology, so much so that the Iranians have now developed what is known as a “Kamikaze Drone.”  They have provided their “Shahed-136 drone to Vladimir Putin, whose troops are gleefully using it to kill Ukrainian civilians, and they’re threatening to deploy it against Israel and the United States.


All this has taken place while Mr. Biden and Mr. Blinken have been busying themselves in attempting to take up where Mr. 0bama and Mr. Kerry left off – White House insiders have been making noises about their re-entering the JCPOA!  (One wonders how many pallets of cash Mr. Biden will send to President Ebrahim Raisi and Ali Khamenei to persuade them to not attack the U.S. and Israel?)


[NOTE:  Since Iran’s latest threats with their Shahed-136 “kamikaze” drone, Josh Gottheimer, a Democrat from New Jersey, has introduced H.R. 9256, the “US – Israel Anti-Killer Drone Act of 2022.”  Representative Gottheimer is the most conservative Democrat in Congress and that is perhaps why the bill seems to have gained significant bipartisan support. – Editor]



Курица пианист (pronounced “kuretsa peanest” and translated as “chicken pianist”), seems like a misnomer until you check out the following link:

Thanks to Dr. Merrily Salyer, Sterling, VA for sharing this smile with us.



Hal Rounds


Draining the “Swamp.”  This week, at a breakfast hosted by our Congressman, David Kustoff, I had the opportunity to speak with him for a while, urging him to concentrate on what is undoubtedly the most financially draining and most difficult to achieve objective for our federal government.

The broad concept of this problem is simple –the departments and agencies of our federal government have grown into just so many wounds that are spilling our financial blood faster than the “healing effect” of our taxes can heal those wounds.

For years, people sincerely concerned with this hemorrhaging disaster have sought ways to fix it.  Most have settled on the idea that we need to add “Term Limits,” or a “Balanced Budget” amendment to our Constitution.  That seems simple, but it does not actually stop the spending, as long as we can be taxed enough to cover it.

Most people neglect to check the existing plan written into the Constitution by our founders to control spending.  Instead of addressing the “symptom”-spending levels-the founders limited the “cause” of excess spending.  They put a list of permitted powers in the Constitution.  This is called “enumeration of powers,” and it is found in Article I, §8.

Right away, many Americans felt the list was not enough to prevent Congress from prying into other, so the 10thAmendment was added, to tell Congress “You can only do the listed things, the rest is left to the states or the People!!”

But, back in the 1820’s, President Monroe, in a long analysis of how to accomplish things that are not listed as federal powers, invented the idea that projects where money is not spent directly as a federal activity can be accomplished by granting federal money – “appropriations” – to other levels of government (state and local), and even non-governmental-organizations (NGO’s)) when THEY have projects to accomplish.

Effectively, the States and towns across America have clustered around the federal appropriations trough, snarfing up all the grants they can to feed their pet projects.  For example, the Department of Education (DOE) does not rest on any power enumerated in the Constitution.  It didn’t even exist until May of 1980. (“Just a few days before Mt. St. Helens exploded -talk about a “cover up!”)

Lacking any enumerated power to actually run schools, or regulate them by law, federal power is exercised by offering “grants” – State, local and private education is bloated with grants (and, lately, “student loans” that won‘t be paid back.”)  And the grants have rules.

The DOE has, in effect, taken over our education system.  And, ever since that started, the education results across the nation have crumbled.

Myriads of other federal activities have had the same results –and spending disasters.

As Congressman Kustoff confirmed in our discussion, while we need to shed departments that wield un-enumerated powers (“The Swamp”), it’s actually part of The Swamp itself that writes our laws and regulations.

When our elected legislators send a prospective bill to the legislative staff, it’s the staff that puts it into “legalese.”  That staff is part of The Swamp.  These unelected, unpublicized, bureaucrats, having no term limits themselves, turn the proposed law into something that seems to be what was planned, but in terms that fit their own objectives.

Yes, elected representatives also invent plenty of bills that purposely add to the excesses of our government – and to the power of the swamp.

If we were well enough educated in how we are governed, I expect we would be haranguing our elected officials to eliminate federal activities that are not among those enumerated powers.

And we would find a way to write laws that would get back to what the Constitution planned



     Communications were sent to several representatives urging that they work against providing computer chip manufacturers with subsidies but, instead, place tariffs on computer chips manufactured in China.  No responses had been received as of press time. – Editor


Rep. Paul Gosar, R-AZ-4th District shared news of a letter he co-signed with Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene (R-GA-14th District), addressed to AG Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray, demanding they hold the FBI accountable for its persecution of US Citizens regarding our rights guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.

“This week, I joined several of my Republican colleagues in sending a letter to United States Attorney General Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) demanding that the FBI be held accountable for intimidating American citizens into signing away their right to own, purchase, and use firearms.

“It has been recently uncovered that FBI personnel created a form that was secretly used to coerce Americans into “voluntarily” giving up their right to own, purchase, or use firearms.  At least 15 Americans signed the form from 2016-2019, and their information was entered into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).  These Americans had committed no crimes, but they were intimidated into signing the unconstitutional form when FBI agents ambushed them at their homes and other locations.

“Our Founding Fathers ensured gun ownership in the Bill of Rights, making the right to defend one’s freedom from oppressive government uniquely American.

“Unfortunately, the Biden administration is engaged in an unprecedented assault on the Second Amendment and the FBI’s latest strong-arm tactics represent the greatest expansion of government infringing upon the rights of law-abiding gun owners in the United States.

[A copy of the letter may be viewed at the following link: – Editor]



     You are invited to become a Correspondent, and share thoughts, opinions, ideas, and announcements with others.  Please state your city, state, or country in your submissions and email them to: .  Your fellow Conservatives want to hear from you! – Editor


Mary Foster-Pritchardt (location withheld by request) reported on her attendance at a Town Hall gathering in support of her Representative.

As most Republicans should do I attended a rally for my Congressman last week and the topic of immigration came up.  I would like to share in your newsletter some remarks our Representative made but would appreciate your not publishing my location since it would likely help his opponent.

The topic of illegal immigration came up and he was asked what he had done about it.  His response was shocking.  He said:

“Since I have been in office, there have been no new amnesty measures passed and no new hikes in allotted immigration.”

I could not believe how clueless this man is and when I had an opportunity to ask a question, I reminded him that over the past 20 years, several reliable sources have reported the number of people who have crossed our borders illegally is estimated to be in the range of forty million.

He tried to shut me down but I kept on talking.  I told him that I had heard on Fox that last month 200,000 illegal aliens were known to have crossed our southern border and someone had said that upwards of 100 of those caught were on the Terrorist Watch List.

Mentioning the 200,000 and the number on the Terrorist Watch List got the crowd on my side, so I went on talking.  I took the opportunity to mention the drugs that have killed 100,000 Americans, and the fact that these people crossing our border are bringing their diseases with them and that they are sex trafficking children.  The room was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop, and so I finished off with the question:  “The problem we have today has nothing to do any quotas or amnesties, it’s all about the millions of illegal aliens entering our country and being allowed to stay here!  If you are elected what, specifically, are you going to do about sealing off our southern border?”

Sadly, he didn’t have anything resembling an acceptable answer and in thinking of that response it has prompted me to suggest to you that perhaps ALL your readers should keep on asking that question until our Representatives do come up with a workable plan and the ACT on it.


Larry Chilton, Enid, OK shared an observation.

I heard on Fox today that 230,000 illegal aliens crossed the southern border last month and that this was an all-time record for illegal aliens entering our country.  Among those 230,000 criminals were nine individuals on the terrorist watch list.  I believe that brings the number of people on the terrorist watch list to over 100 since Biden took office.  In all, we now have more than 5,000,000 “new” illegal aliens since Biden was sworn in and, with the Title 42 rule that is about to be cancelled, we are told to anticipate 28,000 more illegal aliens per month after that happens!  All the while we have Alejandro Mayorkas getting away witht telling Congress that our borders are secure.

Worse, since Biden took office nearly 2,000 pounds of deadly fentanyl poured into our country.  To put that into perspective, that’s enough to kill the entire population of the United States of America plus another 100 million more.  As it is, we read that fentanyl is the number one killer of Americans in the 18-45 age group; it killed 72,000 Americans in 2021.  Meanwhile, we’ve got Schumer wanting to grant amnesty to all illegal aliens – probably something on the order of 30,000,000 – because he says we need more workers.  If we didn’t have all the deaths from drugs – more than 100,000 in 2021 alone – we wouldn’t need so many new workers.



     The Legislative Report provides information on some of the more remarkable bills that have been introduced in Congress.  Its purpose is to provide the reader with information about pending legislation that may prompt the reader to contact their representatives to express their views.

     In the emailed version of the Legislative Report, you will see markers + and + on certain bills.  The red icon is placed to encourage the reader to contact their representatives and ask them to vote against the legislation.  On bills marked with the green icon, the reader is encouraged to contact their elected representatives and ask them to support the legislation.  The reader is always encouraged to keep informed about all legislation from other sources so they may be aware of bills that effect our lives.  Decide today that you will make your voice heard.  If you remain silent, your representatives will never know your thoughts! – Editor


+HR 4081 Informing Consumers about Smart Devices Act (John Curtis, R-UT, 8 pages).

To require the disclosure of a camera or recording capability in certain internet-connected devices.

++HR 9236 Foreign Adversary Communications Transparency Act (Elise Stefanik, R-NY, 4 pages).

To direct the Federal Communications Commission to publish a list of entities that hold authorizations, licenses, or other grants of authority issued by the Commission and that have certain foreign ownership, and for other purposes.

+HR 9246 Stop Wall Street Landlords Act (Ro Khanna, D-CA, 18 pages).

To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to disallow the deduction of certain expenses relating to ownership of single-family homes by specified large investors, to impose an excise tax on the sale of such homes by such investors, to establish the neighborhood homes tax credit, and to prohibit Federal mortgage assistance relating to certain large investors.

Mr. Khanna’s bill is a move to punish people who have done well in life by eliminating their interest rate, local tax, and other deductions from their Federal taxes.  This one is right out of the Socialist play book.

+HR 9256 U.S.-Israel Anti-Killer Drone Act of 2022’ (Josh Gottheimer, D-NJ, 7 pages).

To amend the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020, to make improvements relating to cooperation between the United States and Israel to counter unmanned aerial systems, and for other purposes

++++HR 9225 Case Backlog and Transparency Act of 2022 (Tony Cardenas, D-CA, 9 pages).

To amend the Immigration Services and Infrastructure Improvements Act of 2000 to provide for additional rules regarding processing of immigration applications, and for other purposes.

Mr. Cardenas expresses his dissatisfaction with the time it is taking for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), to process the five million illegal aliens that Mr. Biden has allowed to infest our country, and he has devised a six-step process to require the DHS to be more responsive to our newest welfare parasites, and get them their entitlements more quickly.

“Active Suspense” is the term to identify those circumstances in which DHS cannot process an immigration benefit application due to factors outside of the Department’s control.  In this case, DHS shuffles the application off to some other government entity.

“Backlog” or “Net Backlog” means the number of immigration benefit applications that are pending before DHS outside of applicable processing time goals (minus those applications in an active suspense category), and DHS would be required to generate periodic reports to Congress, so that Congress can be ensured that the number of illegal aliens who have not received their benefits is within acceptable parameters.

Since Mr. Cardenas suspects (as we do) that Congress may not have the ability to do simple arithmetic (or cannot find and operate their calculators), being one with a keen eye for detail, he has stipulated that DHS shall include in its reports to Congress a number identified as the “Gross Backlog,” which indicates the number of immigration benefit applications that are pending.

Mr. Cardenas’ reference to a set of documents known as the “Immigration Benefit Application” would come as a surprise to most American Citizens but, sure enough, it became codified into Federal law at some time in the past, and can be found under the “Immigration and Nationality Act” (Title 8 US Code, 1101, et seq.).  These forms include any and all applications, petitions, or requests to confer, certify, change, adjust, or extend any status authorized under that law.

Since he felt it unfair that illegal aliens should endure the cruelty of excessive processing times for their paperwork, Mr. Cardenas included a requirement that the elapsed wait-times for processing the aforementioned paperwork, and then forwarding to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and the date on which U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services approves or denies an immigration benefit application, shall be recorded and reported.

Finally, Mr. Cardenas’ bill requires DHS to determine what their processing time goal should be for processing each applicant and then to report their assessments as compared to similar procedures.

It’s too bad that Mr. Cardenas wasn’t around when we heard the reports that our veterans were dying in the VA parking lots as the result of excessive processing times!  Oh, well . . .

+++HR 9254 HHS Reproductive and Sexual Health Ombuds Act of 2022 (Nikema Williams, D-GA, 4 pages).

To establish within the Department of Health and Human Services an Ombuds for Reproductive and Sexual Health.

Specifically, this bill establishes a new bureaucracy under HHS that operates abortion clinics (or hires contractors to operate them), and funded under the 0bamacare budget.

Imagine that, abortion clinics run by the Federal government!  What could possibly go wrong?

+++HR 9240 Concerned Citizens Bill of Rights Act (Jim Banks, R-IN, 4 pages).

To foster transparent crime data, to discourage no-cash bail, and for other purposes.

HR 9248 Safe Access to Cash Act of 2022 (Carolyn Maloney, D-NY, 2 pages).

To establish criminal offenses with respect to violations involving ATMs, and for other purposes.

Perhaps Ms. Maloney has come to accept the fact that ATM robberies in New York (and other Democrat-run jurisdictions), have exacerbated to a point where they are beyond the control of the defunded police forces and hyper-liberal prosecutors, and she is reaching out to Congress to make ATM robberies a Federal crime, punishable by up to twenty years in prison.

It has been said that, eventually, everyone reaches the point where they can no longer deny reality.  One assumes that saying also applies to Liberals.

++++++HR 9253 To require the evaluation of Federal agencies and programs for duplicative, wasteful, or outdated functions, and to recommend the elimination or realignment of such functions, and for other purposes (Beth Van Duyne, R-TX, Text not yet available).

The title of the bill explains its purpose – a purpose that all Conservative Americans must applaud.

+HR 9260 Stop Online Suicide Assistance Forums Act (Lori Trahan, D-MA, Text not yet available).

While imposing limitations on free speech is a major issue with any Conservative individual, one must accept the fact that some persons are prone to irrational behavior and could bring harm or death to themselves by accessing such venues, therefore; as based on current knowledge about this legislation it is reasonable that one should make an inquiry to gain further knowledge on this bill with the possibility of supporting it.

++HR 9238 Border Patrol First Act (Beth Van Duyne, R-TX, Text not yet available).

To transfer certain amounts authorized to be appropriated for foreign assistance to the Department of Homeland Security for programs securing the southern border of the United States, and for other purposes.

HR 9226 Endowment Transparency Act (Emanuel Cleaver, D-MO, Text not yet available).

To amend the Higher Education Act of 1965 to require annual reporting on assets of institutions of higher education.

Given the title and purpose, this bill may represent Mr. Cleaver’s finest moment.  We’ll know more if his bill makes it out of committee.

HR 9272 Consumer Financial Education and Empowerment Act (David Scott, D-GA, Text not yet available).

The title of this bill has strong appeal; it’s one to watch.

++HR 9265 Justice for Victims of Open Borders Act of 2022 (Virginia Foxx, R-NC, 2 pages).

To amend the Victims of Crime Act of 1984 with respect to crime victim compensation program eligibility, and for other purposes.

Specifically, Section 1403(b) of the Victims of Crime Act of 1984 (34 U.S.C. 20102) is amended in the way of prioritizing payments made to victims of crimes committed by aliens who were unlawfully present in the United States at the time of the commission of the crime.

Note:  The text of the “Victims of Crime Act of 1984” is found at the following link:

HR 9277 Gasoline Export Ban Act of 2022 (Ro Khanna, D-CA, 1 page).

To prohibit the exportation of gasoline during periods of high gasoline prices.

We all need to contact Rep. Khanna to congratulate him for figuring out one of the numerous problems caused by Mr. Biden and his less-than- stellar regime that have increased fuel prices on all Americans.

+HR 9821 To direct the Secretary of Agriculture to make grants to States to support the establishment and operation of grocery stores in underserved communities, and for other purposes (Andre’ Carson, D-IN, Text not yet available).

So, if an entrepreneur doesn’t want to open a grocery store (or any other business for that matter), in a crime-ridden part of town or in a remote location where a profit cannot possibly be made due to lack of consumer traffic, Andre’ reckons that government subsidies can change things.  Yep, that’s government thinking for you!

HR 8416 Disaster Survivors Fairness Act of 2022 (Dina Titus, D-NV, Text not yet available).

This bill makes changes in the process for seeking assistance following a major disaster.  Specifically, the bill directs the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to establish and maintain a web-based interagency electronic information sharing system, to be known as, to facilitate the administration of a universal application for federal disaster assistance and for other specified purposes.

The President may provide financial or other assistance to respond to the disaster-related housing needs of individuals and households who are displaced from their predisaster primary residence that are damaged by a major disaster (currently, such residences must be rendered uninhabitable).  The President may also provide direct assistance for repairs and for cost-effective hazard mitigation measures that reduce threats to life and property or future damage.

FEMA may enter into a cooperative agreement to provide funding to a state agency to establish and operate a website to provide information relating to postdisaster recovery funding and resources to a community or an individual impacted by a major disaster or emergency.  FEMA may also reimburse a state, tribal, or local government for certain costs relating to sheltering emergency response personnel for a major disaster for which the President has authorized emergency protective measures.

The bill extends FEMA’s authority to implement state-managed housing assistance as a pilot program until the issuance of final regulations.  FEMA must also conduct a study and develop a plan to address the challenges associated with providing housing assistance to survivors of major disasters or emergencies.

The bill falls short in specifying that States must regulate and prevent construction in areas that are most prone to weather-related disasters.

This bill passed in the House of Representatives and has been forwarded to the Senate for consideration.

+S 3092 FIRE Act (Alex Padilla, D-CA, 3 pages).

This bill may be cited as the FEMA Improvement, Reform, and Efficiency Act of 2021 or the FIRE Act.

This bill addresses the federal government’s approach to wildfires.

Specifically, the bill authorizes an eligible applicant seeking public mitigation assistance to relocate an eligible structure upon demonstrating that the structure is at risk from future damage and the relocation reduces the risk to the structure and does not increase risk to adjacent structures.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), in coordination with the National Weather Service, must conduct a study on Red Flag Warnings and similar weather alert and notification methods to implement plans and actions prior to a wildfire event that can limit the impact, duration, or severity of the fire.

The Government Accountability Office must report to Congress regarding wildfires, including the effectiveness of FEMA programs in addressing wildfires and other hazards.

The President must ensure that those providing case management services to victims of a major disaster have cultural competency training.

FEMA must (1) conduct a study and develop a plan to address providing housing assistance to survivors of major disasters or emergencies when presented with challenges such as the lack of proof of ownership or ownership documentation, and (2) seek to contract with the National Academy of Sciences to study potential solutions to address the availability and affordability of insurance for wildfire perils and other related matters.

The bill allows Indian tribal governments to apply for grants for equipping, upgrading, and constructing state and local emergency operations centers.

The bill falls short in the way of minimizing the effect of wildfires in that it does not specify that States must:  conduct brush clearing and removal, and; utilize controlled burns in areas that are vulnerable to wildfire occurrences.

This bill passed in the Senate and has beenforwarded to the House of Representatives for consideration.

HR 6290 Act (Paul Tonko, D-NY, Text not yet available).

This bill requires the Department of Commerce to establish a section of the website to serve as the primary hub for information relating to federal manufacturing programs.

In addition to serving as the primary hub for this information, the hub must also (1) provide the contact information for relevant program offices carrying out federal manufacturing programs; (2) provide an avenue for public input and feedback relating to these programs; and (3) host web pages that focus on topics such as trade, workforce development, and small and medium manufacturers.

This bill has the potential for promoting the “mixed economy,” wherein government bureaucrats can decide which manufacturers are included on its website.

+HR 5502 To require online marketplaces to verify certain information regarding high-volume third party sellers of consumer products on such online marketplaces and to disclose to consumers certain contact and other information regarding such high-volume third party sellers (Janice Shakowsky, D-IL, 9 pages).

This bill requires online marketplaces to collect and verify certain contact and financial information from third-party sellers whose transactions and related revenues exceed specified thresholds. (Emphasis added.)

Subject to certain exceptions, online marketplaces must clearly and conspicuously disclose sellers’ contact information of certain high-volume third-party sellers to consumers and must also provide consumers with methods to report suspicious activity on the marketplace.

The bill provides the Federal Trade Commission and state attorneys general with the authority to enforce these requirements.

This bill interferes with free market capitalism in that it invades the privacy of citizens (whose names and contact information are held by vendors), and provides the government with a method of tracking especially firearms and ammunition sales.

++HR 4725 No Student Loan Interest Act (Eric Swalwell, D-CA, 2 pages).

This bill provides for zero-interest rates on certain federal student loans.

Specifically, the bill sets the interest rate at 0% for (1) existing loans made under the Federal Family Education Loan Program or the Federal Direct Loan Program, and (2) new loans made under the Federal Direct Loan Program.

Mr. Swalwell (a.k.a. “Fang Fang”), has introduced legislation that, if passed, would poison the well insofar as banks ever again coming to the rescue of America.  Banks can only make a profit if they can collect interest on the loans they provide and without that profit motive, banks would not – and should not – feel obliged to provide unsecured loans in the future.

NOTE:  More than 40% of all student loans were made to students who were in pursuit of their Masters and Doctorate degrees, and they have enormous influence among politicians!

++HR 4725 Ensuring Phone and Internet Access for SNAP Recipients Act of 2021 (Elaine Luna, D-VA, 3 pages).

This bill requires the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to report on enrollment in the Lifeline program. The Lifeline program is designed to reduce the cost of communications services for low-income consumers, and it allows those consumers to qualify for Lifeline assistance based on their receipt of other federal assistance programs (e.g., Medicaid or Federal Public Housing Assistance).

Specifically, the FCC must submit reports on (1) enrollment in the Lifeline program by individuals who participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as the food stamp program), and (2) the number of new broadband consumers projected to join the Lifeline program through federal assistance programs and the efficacy of various efforts to advertise the Lifeline program.

In other words, think of the 0bamaphone program in perpetuity and on steroids!

S 3655 Civil Rights Cold Case Investigations Support Act of 2022 (John Ossoff, D-GA, Text not yet available).

This bill extends the Civil Rights Cold Case Records Review Board until 2026 (or 2027 if the board opts for an additional one-year extension).  The board reviews the decisions of federal agencies to postpone the disclosure of civil rights cold case records (i.e., unsolved civil rights cases from 1940-1979).

No rational person can deny that the racially motivated crimes that have occurred in the United States remain a blot on our national pride but, at some point, we reach the time where we should move on and come to realize that continuing investigations going back as far as 82 years is fruitless since all the victims and perpetrators are most likely deceased.  That said, one must wonder whether Mr. Ossoff would be so concerned about solving the hate crimes perpetrated by blacks against whites!  No matter, by way of confirming the Senate’s allegiance to political correctness, the Mr. Ossoff’s boondoggle was passed on a voice vote.

S 3510 Disaster Resiliency Planning Act (Gary Peters, D-MI, 3 pages).

This bill requires the Office of Management and Budget to establish guidance that requires federal agencies to incorporate natural disaster resilience into real property asset management and investment decisions.  Specifically, the guidance must direct each agency to incorporate assessments of natural disaster risk information conducted by the agency, such as from vulnerability and other risk assessments, into real property asset management and investment decisions.  This bill is supplemented by S 1941 MAPS Act, which directs the Director of the Office of Management and Budget to standardize the use of core-based statistical area designations across Federal programs, to allow between 120 and 180 days for public comment on any proposed change to such designations, and to report on the scientific basis and estimated impact to Federal programs for any proposed change to such designations, and for other purposes.

Both bills passed in the Senate on a voice vote and have been forwarded to the House of Representatives for consideration.

+++S 533 Guidance Clarity Act of 2021 (James Lankford, R-OK, 1 page).

This bill requires each agency, as defined in section 551 of title 5, United States Code, to include a Guidance Clarity Statement, which shall be prominently displayed on the first page of the document, and include the following additional information:

“The contents of this document do not have the force and effect of law and do not, of themselves, bind the public or the agency. This document is intended only to provide clarity to the public regarding existing requirements under the law or agency policies.”

Not later than 90 days after the date of enactment of this Act, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget shall issue guidance to implement this Act.

This bill was passed in the Senate, and has been forwarded to the House of Representatives for consideration.

++++HR 9289 Affordable Electric Vehicles for America Act (Terri Sewell, D-AL, 2 pages).

To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to temporarily suspend application of the requirement that final assembly of vehicles occur within North America for purposes of the clean vehicle credit, and for other purposes.

In addition to the subsidies that are already given to electric vehicle manufacturers, Ms. Sewell’s bill proposes to eliminate import taxes on vehicles with parts made in other countries . . . the main supplier of which is Communist China!

(Someone please remove Ms. Sewell’s American Flag pin from her lapel!)

++++++S 5085 A bill to prohibit the government of the District of Columbia from using Federal funds to allow individuals who are not citizens of the United States to vote in any election, and for other purposes  (Ted Cruz, R-TX, Text not yet available).

+S 5084 A bill to reprioritize Federal law enforcement funds from prosecuting nonviolent pro-life demonstrators to prosecuting violent offenders and drug traffickers (Bill Hagerty, R-TN, Text not yet available).

++++S 5081 A bill to establish an Office of Environmental Justice within the Department of Justice, and for other purposes (Alex Padilla, D-CA, text not yet available).

As with all “social justice” scams, Mr. Padilla’s bill is an open invitation to every ambulance chasing lawyer in the United States to file tort claims on behalf of alleged “victims,” whose cases will be heard by liberal judges who will make arbitrary and capricious rulings that will open the spigots of the US Treasury to satisfy their bogus claims.

++++++S 5082 A bill to impose sanctions with respect to General Secretary Xi Jinping and other senior officials of the Chinese Communist Party complicit in the perpetration of genocide and other crimes against humanity against Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (Josh Hawley, R-MO, Text not yet available).

NOTE:  Of interest to Senior Citizens, the following bills were introduced by Robert Casey, D-PA:

S 5088 A bill to amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to improve the enrollment of retiring individuals in the Medicare program

S 5095 A bill to establish a pilot program to address hunger among older individuals and adults with disabilities

S 5096 A bill to establish the Interagency Task Force to Address Hunger and Promote Access to Healthy Food Among Older Adults and Adults with Disabilities, and for other purposes

At the time of publication, the text for these bills was not yet available, however, the reader may wish to make inquiries online at a later date.

++S 5098 A bill to ensure that significantly more students graduate college with the international knowledge and experience essential for success in today’s global economy through the establishment of the Senator Paul Simon Study Abroad Program in the Department of State (Richard Durbin, D-IL, Text not yet available).

As our nation’s debt rises at an unbelievable rate, Mr. Durbin wants to us Taxpayer’s money to fund extended trips for college students to study abroad so they can be further indoctrinated by anti-American professors.  (Strange, but I was sure those professors in American colleges were doing quite a remarkable job of teaching young Americans how to properly hate our country.

++HR 9292 To promote United States interests at the international financial institutions, and for other purposes (French Hill, R-AR, 5 pages).

It has been the practice of those representing the United States at meetings of International Finance Institutions to assume the role of the altruist.  Representative Hill’s bill would end that harmful practice.

+S 5100 A bill to provide accountability for funding provided to the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Treasury under Public Law 117-169 (John Thune, R-SD, text not yet available).

This bill is in response to the recent attempts on the part of Democrats to grow the IRS for the purpose of targeting conservatives.  Defunding the IRS would be much better!

+S 5114 A bill to amend the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to provide training for Department of Homeland Security personnel regarding the use of containment devices to prevent exposure to potential synthetic opioids, and for other purposes (Sherrod Brown, D-OH, text not yet available).

It is difficult to ignore the irony of Mr. Brown’s bill; he seems content with attacking the symptom (open borders), rather than the problem.

++++HR 9298 To direct the Secretary of Labor to conduct a study on implementing a process through which a State or business may apply for an exemption from enforcement of certain occupational safety and health standards on the basis of economic hardship, and for other purposes (Madison Cawthorn, R-NC, text not yet available).

Mr. Cawthorn has become a bit unhinged with this bill:  Safety standards are adopted to protect all workers – not just those who happen to be employed by a successful company – to allow some workers’ lives and health to be endangered because their employers cannot “afford” to make the investments necessary to offer them protection is akin to abrogating the standard of equal protection under the law.

+++++HR 9304 To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to provide access to counsel for children and other vulnerable populations, and for other purposes (Donald McEachin, D-VA, text not yet available).

So, in addition to “free” healthcare, “free” housing, “free” transportation, “free” education, “free” food, and “free” clothing, Mr. McEachin wants to provide “free” legal services to the young and “vulnerable” illegal aliens who violate our laws by illegally crossing our borders.  “Children” means a 17-year old gang member covered in tattoos and “vulnerable” may also include individuals with warrants against them.

HR9303 SUPER BUGS Act of 2022 (Mike Levin, D-CA, text not yet available).

To direct the Secretary of Health and Human Services, in consultation with the Secretary of State, to formulate a strategy for the Federal Government to secure support from foreign countries, multilateral organizations, and other appropriate entities to facilitate the development and commercialization of qualified pandemic or epidemic products, and for other purposes.

++HR 9302 To amend title 49, United States Code, to authorize state of good repair grants to be used for public transportation resilience improvement, and for other purposes (Adriano Espaillat, D-NY, text not yet available).

Mr. Expaillat, a “wokster” hatched in the age of entitlement, seems to think it is the responsibility of millions of American Taxpayers who will never journey on a public transportation vehicle to offer grants to public transportation entities for keeping them in “good repair.”  Should that not be the responsibility of those who benefit from riding such vehicles?

++HR 9300 Preventing Unnecessary Deaths During Life-Threatening Events Act (Suzan DelBene, D-WA, 2 pages).

To amend the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 so that procedures relating to termination of electric service provide that such service may not be terminated during any extreme heat weather event or extreme cold weather event, and for other purposes.

Ms DelBene is, no doubt, a compassionate and altruistic individual who is concerned that people might freeze to death in the dark or die from heat stroke in the summer if their utilities services are interrupted because they failed to pay their bills, but Ms DelBene’s bill falls short of being acceptable because it has no provisions that would require the customer whose services were interrupted because their payments were in arrears to repay the utility company, with interest applied, within a reasonable time frame.  In fact, the text of Ms. DelBene’s bill is silent on the matter of whom should compensate the utility companies which leaves the reader to believe that, either the utility company will absorb its losses (fat chance!), or pass those losses on to other customers.

HR 9310 To amend the Public Health Service Act to give the United States Preventive Services Task Force the authority to take early action based on scientific evidence, and for other purposes (Lisa Blunt Rochester, D-DE, text not yet available).

This could turn out to be a good bill; it is worth watching out for.

+++HR 9314 To prohibit the provision of Federal funds to a labor organization the members of which are education professionals (Ronny Jackson, R-TX, text not yet available).

This bill is one of many reasons why we should elect Republicans!

++HR 9318 To provide for advancements in carbon removal research, quantification, and commercialization, including by harnessing natural processes, and for other purposes (Scott Peters, D-CA, text not yet available).

This bill is one of many reasons why we should not elect Democrats!

+++HR 9312 To provide enhanced capabilities to combat transnational criminal cartels, and for other purposes (Dan Crenshaw, R-TX, text not yet available).

++S 5119 A bill to eliminate the position of the Chief Diversity Officer of the Department of Defense, and for other purposes (Marco Rubio, R-FL, text not yet available).

Sufficient means to redress complaints have been present in our military for more than five decades; such an Officer is not needed and is a waste of available resources.

++S 5126 A bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to strike the provision of the American Opportunity Tax Credit that denies the credit to students with felony drug convictions (Chris Van Hollen, D-MD, text not yet available).

Danny Davis, D-IL, has introduced a companion bill HR 9331 with the same title.

Passage of these bills would remove yet another deterrent for people to refrain from selling drugs!

++++S 5131 A bill to ensure that certain loan programs of the Small Business Administration are made available to cannabis-related legitimate businesses and service providers, and for other purposes (Jacky Rosen, D-NV, text not yet available).

If passed, the “good” news would be that marijuana dealers could get federal grants – Taxpayers’ money – to start a business selling “weed.”  The “bad” news is that such grants would increase the consumption of a gateway drug.

+++S 5134 A bill to establish the United States Foundation for International Conservation to promote long-term management of protected and conserved areas, and for other purposes (Christopher Coons, D-DE, text not yet available).

When the United States has developed a viable program to manage and protect such areas of its own, it then might be appropriate for us to advise other countries on how to go about accomplishing such a goal but it would never be appropriate for Taxpayers to fund such programs in other countries.

+S 5127 A bill to require the disclosure of a camera or recording capability in certain internet-connected devices (Ted Cruz, R-TX, text not yet available.

Senator Cruz is a valiant warrior when it comes to defending Citizen’s rights under the Constitution.

+S 5118 A bill to require the Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection to identify and conduct recurrent vetting of evacuees from Afghanistan found not to be properly vetted before entering the United States (Rick Scott, R-FL, text not yet available).

As based on the description, this seems to be a good bill.  The problem is, it’s about two years too late!

+S 5128 A bill to designate phosphate and potash as critical minerals, to approve the use of phosphogypsum in government road projects, to amend the Food Security Act of 1985 to provide for the certification of certified crop advisors for conservation technical assistance, and for other purposes (Roger Marshall, R-KS, text not yet available).

Phosphates and potash are critical ingredients in fertilizers, and gypsum is the main ingredient in “sheetrock.”  However, during the processing of these raw ingredients, a very slightly radioactive byproduct is produced from the presence of uranium and thorium.  Radon and radium are the daughter products of those elements.  Senator Marshall’s bill would allow these radioactive byproducts to be used in concrete and as a part of the pug mix that underlies asphalt-paved roads.

+S 5122 A bill to provide greater scrutiny of visas for Chinese Communist Party members (Marco Rubio, R-FL, text not yet available).

Better late than never.

+HR 9329 To amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to allow waivers of annual establishment registration fees for small businesses, and for other purpose (Larry Bucshon, R-IN, text not yet available).

Waiving fees for one business and not another is another way of picking winners and losers and such actions are repulsive to the idea of free market capitalism.  While such fees are deductible from a concern’s taxes, they should not be waived.  If an entrepreneur cannot afford to pay these fees, they should save or borrow sufficient funds to do so.

HR 9330 To improve the visibility, accountability, and oversight of agency software asset management practices, and for other purposes (Matthew “Matt” Cartwright, D-PA, text not yet available).

HR 9338 To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to require fairness and diversity in opportunity zone investment and to require minimum investment in controlled-environment agriculture (Henry C. “Hank” Johnson, D-GA, text not yet available).

It all depends on what “fairness and diversity” means.

HR 9325 To incentivize States and localities to improve access to justice, and for other purposes (Suzanne Bonamici, D-OR, text not yet available).

It all depends on what “justice” means.

+HR 9348 To amend the Second Chance Act of 2007 to require identification for returning citizens, and for other purposes (Bonnie Watson Coleman, D-NJ, text not yet available)

Maybe the Democrats will pass a law requiring IDs to vote, too!

HR 9337 To amend the USA PATRIOT Act to designate critical infrastructures, and for other purposes (Ronny Jackson, R-TX, text not yet available).



The Rhea County Republican Party will meet on 1 December, at 7:00 PM, at the Rhea County Sheriff’s Training Center, 711 Eagle Lane, in Evensville.  Please join us and BRING A FRIEND!



Kris Bancroft, Editor

Socialized medicine has many faults, the biggest of which is that it is run by the government.

Some twenty years ago, a personal friend who then resided in Billericay, Essex, England, fell and broke her arm at the elbow.  She was treated by medical people working in England’s National Health Service, but the orthopedist who set the fracture made an error in doing so and when the fracture healed, she had lost a great deal of the use of her arm.  When the error was discovered, my friend was put on a list to receive corrective surgery.  After a wait of fourteen years, her surgery was finally scheduled, and she regained use of her arm.

At the time this incident occurred, it seemed incomprehensible that any people of any nation would ever accept being subjected to Socialized Medicine, yet Americans overwhelmingly rejoiced when 0bamacare appeared in America.

Sadly, we are coming to understand in America, the strain that is being placed on our own medical care system and we occasionally read reports of how the quality of our medical care is suffering under the strain of the trend toward Socialized Medicine.  There are perpetual shortages of healthcare professionals and hospital services.  We have, thanks to the incredibly stupid management of our supply chain systems, begun to see shortages in medicines and medical equipment.  Does anyone think we would ever find ourselves begging other countries for help in this area?

Projections are that matters will only become worse in the next decades and those projections are exacerbated by the presence of some 45,000,000 “non-citizens” who have made their way inside what was formerly our “borders.”

Ultimately, it will all come down to a matter of economics, and that means some drastic cuts will be forced upon us in the future.  As with any and all things concerning economics, there will be some tough choices to be made unless we are able to correct things beginning yesterday.

How tough will those choices be?  Here is an example:

Michael Kaplan, a journalist for The New York Post, recently published a story about a Canadian citizen by the name of Roger Foley, who claimed he was compelled to ask for an “assisted death” (suicide), while being denied the health care he needed to go on living.

Mr. Foley stated that he was being compelled to accept an assisted death because it was too expensive for the Canadian healthcare system to keep him alive.

“I’ve been pressured to do an assisted suicide,” he [Foley] told The Post, alleging this happened with caretakers at Victoria Hospital, a primarily government-funded center in London, Ontario.

“They asked if I want an assisted death. I don’t. I was told that I would be charged $1,800 per day [for hospital care]. I have $2 million worth of bills. Nurses here told me that I should end my life. That shocked me.”

Mr. Foley, who suffers from cerebellar ataxia, a disease that affects the brain, muscles, and the body’s motor tasks went on to claim that the Victoria Hospital also denied him food and fluids.

Kaplan also researched the 2019 death of Alan Nichols, who died by euthanasia even though he was only depressed.

From Mr. Kaplan’s article:  “The medically assisted suicide of Alan Nichols in 2019 has been held up as an example.  The 61-year-old was depressive and reportedly suicidal.  Canadian law requires patients can only legally undergo medically-assisted suicide if they suffer from a physical — not mental — ailment.  Nichols, it is reported in an article by Associated Press, listed hearing loss as his reason for euthanasia.  Relatives maintain that hospital employees helped him to put in the request.”

For at least the past decade, euthanasia and assisted suicides have been too commonly practiced in Scandinavian countries, and the systematic detachment from life-support systems are known to occur in the hospitals of Europe and South America.

On its present course, at some point, the healthcare system in the United States will collapse, and we will see the horrors of other countries emerge in the United States.



Regardless of where you live in the United States, you can find your elected representatives at any level of government by visiting the following link.  Remember:  While they might be fairly bright, none of them can read your mind, so it is your obligation as a citizen to express your thoughts (and to urge all your friends and family and like-minded folks to do the same!)

Here’s a handy guide for Tennesseans in the 4th Congressional District:

Joseph Robinette Biden (the “Big Guy”)

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington D.C. 20500

Phone:  (202) 456-1414

Fax:  (202) 456-2461


U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn

357 Dirksen Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510

Phone:  (202) 224-3344

Fax:  (202) 228-0566

To contact visit website:

U.S. Senator Bill Hagerty

Russell Senate Office Building

Suite SR-B11

Washington D.C. 20510

Phone:  (202) 224-4944

Fax:  (202) 228-3398


U.S Representative Dr. Scott DesJarlais

2301 Rayburn HOB

Washington, DC 20515

Phone:  (202) 225-6831

Fax:  (202) 226-5172


Governor Bill Lee

Tennessee State Capitol

Nashville, Tennessee 37243

Phone:  (615) 741-2001

Fax:  (615) 532-9711


Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House

Link above provides all methods of contact.

Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader

State Representative Ron Travis

301 Sixth Avenue North

Suite G-3

Nashville, Tennessee 37243

Phone:  (615) 741-1450

State Senator Ken Yager

301 Sixth Avenue North

Suite G-19

Nashville, Tennessee 37243

Phone:  (615) 741-1449 Fax: (615) 253-0237